Chi Siamo Everything started by chance, the same case that life sometimes gives you a gift allowing thus to embrace wonderful adventures.
The most exciting adventure of which I speak was the meeting with the Yorkshire Terrier breed. A common path for many, born of the human need to want to give love and affection for our four-legged friends, took me in the eighties to want to join my family in a small dog because of the small scale space of an apartment in Milan .
Mon Amour I chose the ancient walls, and he chose me.
Came the first experiences in regional exhibitions and then moved onto the national and international.
As flowing water flowing at the same time came the first litters and also the need irrepressible will, with patience and devotion, bred and selected in accordance with the rules established by the common standard of the breed Yorkshire Terrier, focusing on quality.
Over time it is also followed another passion: that for the Chihuahua breed. For this race I wanted to focus on researching and selecting the best individuals.
To date, in a very large area all my dogs are free to roam and play and be part of my family life, my love and my attention. Breeding Opera Prima, whose name was inspired by the Milanese city known as the nerve center of theatrical activity par excellence, was created with the dual aim: to meet the needs of individuals who are given all necessary advice and practical to grow them, and exhibitors purchased puppy lovers of exhibitions.
This passion is shared by my daughter Valentina and mother who actively participate in all activities of daily care of my beloved dogs.
I thank all those who supported me, gave advice and urged that rearing Opera Prima become what it is today and what will be in the future..